Your Tracking

White label GPS tracking solution

Provide your customers with a state of the art tracking solution. We allow you to empower your customers to have everything they need to manage and monitor their fleet of vehicles.

We provide the hardware and software at wholesale prices, allowing you to choose your own competitive pricing models and plans.

Plug and Play

No wiring required - Plugs into OBD connection

Speed Alerts

Based on road speed limits

Scheduled Reminders

Manage all maintenance for your fleet and get alerts for vehicle servicing

All Cars, Trucks, and Machinery

Can be hardwired or use OBD port and supports 8v – 36v

Live Tracking

Track vehicles live using tracking portal, and playback trip history

Hidden Installation Option

The tracking hardware can be discretely installed under the dash of the vehicle

Camera integration

Record and view live camera footage with integrated MDVRs available. View live video feed from the portal and set automatic event based recording.

Driver Behaviour

Monitor and view driver behaviours such as harsh acceleration, excessive braking, rapid lane changes, and more.

Battery powered options

Need to track unpowered assets. Our system supports low-power hardware that can be powered by internal batteries and can last up to 10 years!

Immobilisation and Driver ID

The system supports the use of RFID Driver identification and pin code access that can integrate with the vehicle. Digital outputs can be connected to enable remote immobilisation of vehicles.

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